The blog:

I created this blog after my experience trying to go fishing in Korea. It turns out there are little to no English resources for locations, equipment rentals, type of fish, or anything in the Northern part of South Korea. So me along with my partner in crime have decided to start documenting our experiences to share with other English speakers who wish to find the best fishing. Lucky for me, Dans fluent in Koqrean! So we will be able to show you places that only the locals usually enjoy.

We have since left Korea, but continue to pursue our passion for fishing in the United States, which we wish to share with you as well. We have also started introductory bushcraft and will track our progress and share lessons here.


The Anglers:



We are Dan and Sarah! We’re a tag-team who long ago met in New York, and have been travelling the US and the globe ever since. We lived in Korea since January 2016, and have since recently returned to the US, visiting between Georgia and North Carolina. We sometimes wear matching outfits and man purses, are pretty hilarious (at least Sarah is…), and we love food, fitness (sometimes??), fishing, dogs and learning new skills.


We have an awesome pup named Brook who we fostered from stray in Oklahoma, adopted out, and subsequently rescued from her shitty adopters. She is our daughter.


That’s about all there is to know!

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