Man Made Tinder

Keeping a tinderbox as a part of your EDC survival kit can be a life saving tool for making fire — especially in damp or wet conditions.

Essential Tools:

  • Fire starter (lighter, matches, ferro rod, etc)
  • Twigs
  • Tinder (in this case man made)
  • Knife/ax/saw or some sort of sharp for collecting materials

Today, Dan and I went to Uwharrie National Forest to do some bush craft and experimented with five different types of manmade tinder.


The first three are as follows: drier lint, a sheet of paper, and toilet paper.


The fourth one is this awesome pre-made tinder box from Alpha Outpost. It appears to be a mixture of sawdust and some type of petroleum. The fifth, not pictured, is cardboard.


We laid all these down, and lit each one. Let it be known, we were doing this in extremely wet conditions. In this type of environment, a natural tinder is really hard to get lit, so these manmade tinders were absolutely essential!

The drier lint, unfortunately, was a bit of a fluke. We have our dogs, Teddy and Brook, so the lint was honestly mostly their hair. It didn’t seem to do too well. The paper, being a printer variety, was a tad waxy, but lit–same with the cardboard.


The real kings were the toilet paper and the Alpha Outpost tinder. These worked extremely will in staying lit long enough for us to get some small twigs dried and lit.


These are definitely coming out with us from this point forward!

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