Shinam Fishing


Our quest for more Korean bass brought us to Shinam Fishing in Yangju. Beautiful open lake area with some traditional carp fishing toward the center under umbrellas on the usual wooden mini dock structures. The surf-like edges were ideal for walking around and casting out.

20160917_175207 Location beautiful as usual. It was surrounded by a bowl of mountains. We walked across a bridge like structure and began casting in the opposite side of the carp anglers. Using a green crayfish softbait, bottom fishing and sweeping a large area, I suddenly got a bite! To my surprise it was not a bass though.

IMG_20160917_190251It was an Amur Catfish! This one was a little curious looking though — a fat lip, and no spindles. It almost looked like a snakehead. The old folks were very surprised to see a “메기” caught on a spin pole since they usually use their cane poles. Here’s another picture to see how long it was:


I was happy to catch though. Unfortunately, no bass and this ended up being our only catch of the day. Still a ton of fun as always and nice to discover a new location.


Til next time!

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