Chagui-do Bay Charter Fishing


What an absolute privilege. Dan and I visited Jeju-do as I prepared to leave Korea. They call it Korea’s Hawaii and for good reason. Such a beautiful landscape. We spent time on the south and eastern areas of the Island for the most part and were determined to find somewhere to fish.


We came into the Chaguido-bay area, which is an oceanfront village near the Island of Chaguido, off the coast of Jeju. They had a lot of charter boat companies, but through Dan’s selection, we went with Chagui-do Bay Charter Fishing. We loaded onto a fishing boat with two or three other groups, and were given little dead shrimps for bait. The boat took off and settle near Chagui Island. Really cool experience feeling the spray of the ocean, and the rocking of the boat. Outside of college rowing team, I really hadn’t had much experience with boats before.


Not to mention the stunning view. The boat was big enough that every group had their own personal area off the side to fish in. The line had multiple hooks and a large sink weight. We attached the bait on and simply opened the bail to drop the line in. Almost immediately we would get tons of bites and reel up to find mackerel on the line.


Dan did start to get a little seasick, as were a couple others in the group. I had no issue with it though. Rinse and repeat, we kept up the same fishing ritual. Of course we were given those little white gardening gloves that they give you for absolutely everything in Korea haha.


Ended up with a whole bucket full between the two of us.


When the boat docked, we carried our bucket to the charter company’s little restaurant in the village and gave our fish to the folks there. They actually took and cleaned/cooked the fish for you in minutes and served out your own catches in a variety of different styles. It was AWESOME!

20160920_173859This is raw mackerel sashimi style cuts with all the regular Korean sides.


A version of Meontang with mackerel. Delicious. What a cool experience that I would absolutely recommend to anyone who travels to Jeju!

3 thoughts on “Chagui-do Bay Charter Fishing

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  2. Caitlin

    Thank you for posting this; I’ve been trying to find places to go deep sea fishing while visiting in Jeju. What side of the island were you on? Is Chaguido Bay near Seogwipo area or Jeju city area?

    1. gonefishing

      Thank you for your reply! This charter is on the very west of the Island near Gosan-ri. Tons of fishing charters around, and a beautiful little town. We rented a car when we went to Jeju so we could maximize visiting all parts of the island.

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